Recommend a Friend

You can earn up to £1000 by introducing a friend, relative or colleague to a Haywood Home.

It’s simple, we at Haywood Homes like to take care of our customers so as an incentive for your loyalty we will give you up to £1000 should you recommend a friend, relative or colleague to a new Haywood Home. Just ask our Sales Team for a “recommend a friend voucher” fill in the details and return to the Sales Team when your friend, relative or colleague reserves their property with us, we will keep your details on file and when completion has taken place a cheque will be on the way to you – simple! Here’s an example of what Haywood Homes could be sending you as a thank you. If their new home costs:

  • Up to £100,000……we will pay £250.00
  • From £100,001 to £150,000……we will pay you £500.00
  • From £150,001 to £200,000……we will pay you £750.00
  • Over £200,000……we will pay you £1000.00

So if you know someone who is looking to buy a new home why not recommend them to a Haywood Home, complete the form and send to Haywood Homes and you could be treating yourself too!